Explanation of the very common Unique Rectangle solving technique. There is a second variant of Type-2 Unique Rectangles as illustrated below. Password. Uniqueness Test 3 . Speed Sudoku - Play web sudoku puzzle games online for free! Part 1 covers UR Types 1, 2, 4 & 5. Elle est très puissante et existe sous plusieurs types, définis par le forum Sudoku Players. Gordonian Rectangle.Assume you are in the middle of a Sudoku puzzle and you find the situation similar to example 2 above (regardless if the blank cells are solved or not solved). In Spalte 5 befinden sich nur 2 und 6 (grün gekennzeichnet) in Spalte 9 befindet sich jeweils noch zusätzlich zur 2 und 6 (orange gekennzeichnet) noch der Kandidat 8 … Unique Rectangle. To avoid the Unique Rectangle for the digits 8 and 9, either r2c4 or r2c6 must contain the digit 7. The first of 2 Parts. If one of the common candidates was used in the fourth corner of the rectangle it would force the same two values into all four corners of the rectangle. Unique Rectangle: by strmckr on Sun May 10, 2009 5:24 am . La configuration interdite. The primary focus of this solution is to illustrate using an Almost Unique Rectangle.. You may need to refer to previous blog pages to understand this solution. I need a tool for coloring. Here is the theory … if the yellow highlighted cell is not a 4, then the options for the cell would be 1 and 2. The name is not well chosen. For sudoku expert tips, watch Sudoku Swami videos. What is a unique rectangle in Sudoku? A Unique Rectangle is a Deadly Pattern formed by 4 cells that share 2 rows, 2 columns and 2 boxes.In Sudoku Variations with additional constraints, each of these constraints must either contain 2 cells or none at all.All 4 cells only have candidates for the same 2 digits.. Die zwei (gültigen) Lösungen für das obige UR: Ein beliebter Fehler beim Suchen von URs besteht darin, die "zwei Blöcke"-Regel zu … Every Sudoku has to have a unique solution, we are not allowed to create a situation where this rule is violated. It supports regular Sudoku and also Killer Sudoku which I really enjoy. Sudoku with square N×N regions are more symmetrical than rectangular Sudoku since each row and column intersects N regions and shares N cells with each. Sudoku Tip: Avoiding The “Deadly Rectangle” This is a cool tool that every sudoku fan should use. Speed Sudoku - Play web sudoku puzzle games online for free! Somewhat of a controversial subject in the Sudoku world, a unique rectangle (UR) is a situation in which a puzzle may have two different solutions. forgot username or password? Username. Voici une configuration impossible dans un Sudoku à solution unique. If you have an Apple Pencil you can also write directly on the grid and the drawing gets turned into numbers. It’s not just for advanced or expert puzzles. The example on the left is taken from Unique Rectangle at Sudopedia. Therefore, 7 can be eliminated from any cell that is seen by both r2c4 and r2c6. An Empty Rectangle occurs when 4 cells in a box form a rectangle and do not contain a given digit. Hence the term Unavoidable Rectangle--the designer of the Sudoku cannot avoid providing a given clue in at least one of the cells of the rectangle. Beispiel für Unique Rectangle Type 2 Die Kandidaten 2 und 6 kommen in dem Rechteck der Zeilen 1 + 2 und Spalten 5 + 9 vor. Unique Rectangle - Type 1. Hello All, I would like to point out that in my humble opinion, even though Discontinuous Nice Loops are a great tool that can help you solve difficult Puzzles, there are sometimes better (and simpler) ways to look at them; at least for Types 1 & 3. In this puzzle, we have the same pattern of 4 squares in 2 blocks, 2 rows and 2 columns. Pour cette raison, quatre cases vides réparties sur deux blocs et formant les sommets d'un rectangle … Le Rectangle Interdit (RI, Unique Rectangle) La technique du RI utilise le fait que les vrais Sudokus n'ont qu'une seule solution. Wenn das Sudoku nur eine Lösung hat, muss jede Situation, die zu einem Unique Rectangle führen könnte, vermieden werden. A unique rectangle is a pattern formed by four cells that share, two columns, two rows, and two blocks. The floor squares are A1 and A9, and the roof squares are B1 and B9. Unique Rectangle: Uniqueness Type 4B (Row) removing 9 from roof because of G4,G9,J4,J9 (or r79c49) ... columns and blocks would still contain one of each value. Here I will summarize for you the variations of the unique rectangle method, UR for short, as detailed in the most complete sources I know of, the www.sudocue.net solving guide, and Andrew Stuart’s Logic of Sudoku. Extended Rectangle. The Unique Rectangle set of strategies comprises useful techniques that are relevant throughout all the … Continue reading The Best Sudoku Books to learn and enjoy these brain teasers Thus, the remaining cells of this box, which may contain the given numberr, lie in one column and in a row. I don't use uniqueness, preferring instead to prove a unique solution and hidden unique rectangles s can be very difficult to spot. The number of bands and stacks also equals N. The "3×3" Sudoku is additionally unique: N is also the number of row-column-region constraints from the One Rule (i.e. Unique Rectangles is an advanced technique. Read the Sudoku help page for the rules, and a summary of the techniques required to solve BrainBashers Sudoku.. A proper Sudoku puzzle has a unique solution, thus solving a puzzle should not lead to a "Deadly Pattern". Sudoku: Rectangle Patterns Unique Rectangles (UR) are defined by four cells as corners - each with the same pair of candidates - that share exactly two rows, two columns, and two boxes (be careful: when corners are in four boxes, it is NOT a unique rectangle! Its name comes from a collection of two locked pairs that form a rectangle. Unique rectangles basically says that if you can find a group of four cells that form a rectangle, and such that two of them are in the same 9-block (which implies the other two also will be in the same block) and each have the same pair of numbers that can occur in them, then there can be two possible solutions that fit the Sudoku Home; Instructions. Techniques de résolution de Sudoku La danse des espions Cette technique repose sur le principe simple suivant : une grille de sudoku n'admet qu'une seule solution. What makes unique rectangles advanced is that it occurs only occasionally in puzzles and it’s not a well-known solving method. Schwierigkeitsgrad: Mittel Weitere Namen der Technik: Ausschluss Rechteck Typ 1, Uniqueness Test 1, Unique Corner Familie: Uniqueness Verwandte Techniken: Unique Rectangle Type 2, Unique Rectangle Type 3, Unique Rectangle Type 4, Bivalue Universal Grave Allgemeine Beschreibung für Unique Rectangle Type 1. This is also called UR (for unique rectangle) depending on … Another uniqueness situation very much related to the UR is the extended unique rectangle, in which three aligned pairs of four matching numbers can be resolved into two different solutions without affecting any other cells of the grid. But these unique rectangle videos are tough! The Hidden Unique Rectangle strategy is very similar to the unique rectangle strategy. Generally, the Unique Rectangle tests consider four cells that form a rectangle whose common candidates are two digits, with one or more of these cells containing extra candidates as well.The 4 cells in the corners of the rectangle belong to exactly 2 rows, 2 columns and 2 boxes.To avoid this deadly pattern, at least one of the extra candidates must be placed. If three of the four cells in the rectangle are bi-value cells and contain only the two common candidates then the fourth cell cannot contain either of the two common candidates. This pattern takes advantage of the fact that a valid sudoku puzzle can have only one unique solution. Floor and Ceiling. ("coloring" means distinctively marking candidates). Sudoku Essays. Unique Rectangles. Rappelons qu’aucune règle du Sudoku ne stipule que les grilles doivent avoir une solution unique. One corner is a bi-value, and the other corners have a strong link between one of the deadly pattern numbers A Type 4 Unique Rectangle occurs when one of the digits belonging to the non-unique rectangle forms a conjugate pair in cells that have additional candidates. UR methods are based on a rectangular pattern of cells containing the… In this strategy, we are looking for potential Deadly Patterns involving two candidates in four Cells forming a rectangle: two Cells in two Rows and two Columns in total. These four cells form a unique rectangle. This test can be stated as follows: Suppose exactly two cells in the rectangle, both located on the one side of the rectangle, have extra candidates. It's easy in ink on paper. Unique Rectangles is a very advanced method, and yet, it’s not really difficult to learn or perform. Since a valid Sudoku can have only one solution, either [x=4,y=9] or [x=9,y=9] must contain one of the values <4678>; if neither does, then the squares form a two-solution configuration Notice highlighted cells 15, 19, 25, and 29 in the puzzle Unique Rectangles. A "Unique Rectangle" (UR) consists of four cells that occupy exactly two rows, two columns, and two boxes. It can be done with the enjoy sudoku … ). Anytime you get stuck in a sudoku puzzle, you should start looking for DEADLY RECTANGLES. 7 down only 3 more to do! All four cells have the same two candidates left (in real sudokus not all cells have to hold all of the UR candidates, see below). Login. In the following sudoku diagram for the digit 5, an empty rectangle appears in the right middle box in the cells R4C7, R4C9, R6C7 and R6C9. Thanks to this, we can remove the second digit of the non-unique rectangle from these two cells. The only difference is that there are more non-deadly numbers in some of the rectangle cells. there are N=3 types of units). Instead, I color. Type 2b Unique Rectangles. Later posts will bring additional UR patterns encountered recently. Sudoku Megastar - Les Espions cachés (Hidden rectangle) Référence Grand-Maître : N°16 page 6 Nous reprenons ici la technique de la Danse des espions pour la compléter par la notion de liens forts que l’on rencontre parfois et qui permet de nouvelles réductions de candidats. The following is an illustrated solution for the Tough Sudoku of February 25, 2007.There are many ways to tackle this one.

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